Free Listing

Our Policy is to list all accommodation properties across the region, regardless of size, plus all restaurants, entertainment and any business associated with tourism and hospitality. We also supply information to allow direct contact with properties advertised on this site by listing phone numbers, addresses and web site links (where applicable) We invite anyone who is involved in the travel and hospitality industry to contact us with information about their business and we will list your business free of charge.
On Line Booking
Discover South West Victoria will provide links to any on line booking or payment system and has no restrictions concerning the display of phone numbers or e-mail addresses However we do advise advertisers to use booking systems which are free of commissions as it only defeats the purpose of advertising on the Discover South West Victoria web site if you end up having to pay a commission Discover South West Victoria provides access to a commission free booking system via however there is no obligation to use this service.
The Ocean Road Accommodation web site provides a low cost alternative for small to medium size businesses and charges a fixed fee from as little as $10 per week for a full web site - including hosting fees and all bookings are free of commissions.

Marketing and Promotion

Discover South West Victoria is primarily a magazine style publication with its main focus on the promotion of tourism and accommodation businesses as well as providing information about festivals, local attractions, sight seeing locations and allied businesses such as restaurants and hotels.
Discover South West Victoria also provides an advertising channel for tourist related businesses to publicise special deals and accommodation packages without any cost in commissions.
For example if a motel advertises their rooms at a 10% discount on booking sites such as or they will also incur an addition 15% in commission, thus loosing about 25% of their total income for that room.
When you consider that 10% is such a small amount to offer but loose about a quarter of the total room price.
Therefore it is far better financially to offer discounts though your own web site.
Using the same example, you offer a 20% discount through your own web site you make more profit and you would also generate more bookings by virtue of the fact you would be offering a cheaper price.

Package Deals and Display Advertising

Display advertising (in the side bars of most pages) is available to all advertisers - there is no restrictions on where you can place your advertising, so anyone who wishes to advertise their business. This advertising is also open to all tourism related businesses such as pubs, restaurants and tour operators. can do so - please contact us *minimum fee applies to a yearly advertising rate - slightly more for shorter advertising periods

Accommodation Listings

Advertising - We provide property listings for accommodation businesses from Geelong to Kingston via the Discover South West Victoria web site plus links to the web site. Our policy is to list all property details, including web site addresses (URL), email addresses and phone numbers.
We also publicise accommodation and tour packages for any business

Managing and Marketing

The Discover South West Victoria has provision for businesses to run advertising and marketing campaigns on any page of the site. We have chosen not to allow Google inserted content which may not be relevant to the information on the page or even worse may just be "click bait" for dubious sites. Instead we intend to give local businesses the opportunity to run marketing campaigns relevant to the subject matter on the page. Things such as local restaurants or tour operators advertising on accommodation listing pages. Please contact us for more information on how to place advertising on this site.